The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

A word from our family and friends...

When we were first considering Chiselhurst, we could feel it would be the most wonderful start to formal education for our daughters. We were a little unsure though if the play-based approach would equip them with the skills they needed to begin prep. There was absolutely no need to worry - the amazing staff look for every opportunity to turn an interest of the children’s into learning experiences in a fabulously fun way. Our experience was further cemented by the Dean of Curriculum of the girl’s school commenting that they never have any problems with Chiselhurst children not being ready for school.
— Cussons Family

Our family has experienced a few kindergartens. Some have been great. Chiselhurst is fabulous. In an absolute league of it’s own. I wish every child could experience it’s magic….

My 6 year old still misses it every day. It is a truly wonderful place. Words cannot describe how fantastic it is. You need to just be there… It’s so good you will want to send your kid home and spend the day there yourself instead.

It is the only year of your child’s education that your child will want to repeat! Send your child for a year…spend the next 10 years hearing about it!
— Beit Family

Our children have been to Kindergartens in Edinburgh, Auckland and Melbourne and they were all good. However, we had to move to Toowoomba to find the best! It is a truly magical place with a wonderful community. If you are new to the area, it’s a ready made family!
— Girdler Family

We had recently arrived in Toowoomba from London when we were recommended to look at Chiselhurst by our next door neighbour’s daughter who had just done her practical experience there. We arranged for a visit to have a look around; it was remarkable. From the very first moment you walked through the gates into the grounds you knew that this was a very special place with an extraordinary, ‘other worldly’, feel about it.

Both our children had the privilege of spending a wonderful year at Chiselhurst and there cannot be a better place on Earth for a child’s first tentative steps into the big world of education. It is a place of magic, wonder and enchantment where all children can flourish and grow through a play-based learning environment.

Grace & Harry thrived at Chiselhurst and gave them an extremely solid foundation from which to build their future; both educationally and beyond. I cannot praise the centre highly enough and I am deeply envious that there was nothing like this when I was a young boy!
— Fortune Family

Chiselhurst gives you the sense that your child is about to go on an amazing adventure - learn things in an amazing, extraordinary way. Children can direct their learning - take themselves on journeys of discovery... it’s not forced learning.
— Paula, Mother

Chiselhurst_Educator at table with children.jpg
The staff genuinely care for your child like their own. They nurture and guide them and you can see the wonder and pride in their faces when your child accomplishes a new skill. It really is like a family!

Oh!...and the amazing craft projects your children will bring home! You would never set up such amazing and elaborate activities at home so it is such a joy for them to be able to do it at Chiselhurst. Also unbeknown to your child, each project has a strong learning element tied in.
— Macmanus Family

Both my boys, with two very different personalities and strengths, had the most amazing experience at Chiselhurst. I have experienced other centres and while some are great, even they can’t compare. The wonderful teachers could well be called ‘Kindergartener Whisperers’! They have an uncanny and extraordinary ability to deeply connect with and understand every child . With their encouraging and genuine loving approach they really do have the ability to extend your child - to help them believe in themselves and blossom in ways you’d never expect! Every child I know falls in love with learning and growing here. This is definitely a unique experience children and their families look back on and cherish.
— Chiselhurst Mother

Imagine a place where everything could possibly be quite possible. A place that’s never ordinary. A place designed for you that inspires you to explore, imagine, dream big, create - and always be curious. A place where you are encouraged to be you and one that lights you up inside and helps you burst into independence. A place where learning is wonderful. A place that’s full of love and almost like home. A place that you will find hard to leave and will never forget. A place that creates connections that last a lifetime. Chiselhurst Kindergarten is that place!
— Kelk Family