Human happiness for both children and adults consists of this sense of association with a familiar environment where they are welcomed, known, loved and missed and where they experience contentment in the surroundings.
— Mitchell Kalpakgian, PhD.

Your Kindergarten, Your Community

There is an old African proverb that states It takes a village to raise a child'. Chiselhurst Kindergarten is a community kindergarten that highly values family and connection.  We are very focused on developing a strong family community.  In fact, without the help and involvement of families we simply cannot operate!  All families become financial members of our Kindergarten Association by paying an annual membership fee with Term One fees. 

There are numerous ways you can get involved while your child is enrolled at Chiselhurst.  It can be as simple as organising social events with other parents/guardians to becoming part of our Management Committee.  Here's just a few ways you may like to get involved.



Each year our management committee is elected from the parent body.  As a community kindergarten we must have the involvement of families to operate.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.



Every year Chiselhurt Kindergarten runs a number of wonderful events and activities to help raise funds to ensure we can continue to offer the magical learning experience that we do today. We appreciate your support at these events and encourage you to invite friends and extended family! They are lots of fun and are a great way to meet the other Chiselhurst families.  

In addition to these fundraising events, you are most welcome to join the Chiselhurst team in day-to-day activities at the kindergarten. We love working with our families on such things as garden and building maintenance, marketing and social media and keeping our library organised!



We strongly encourage families to become a part of their children's journey while at Chiselhurst.  We love having parents/guardians read to the children or help with projects in their child's room. In previous years we have enjoyed having parents visit and tell the children about their job, special talent or hobby or help us with baking and other creative projects! We also encourage you to bring in resources for our collage trolleys for the children to use.

Throughout the year we also have special days and excursions where we seek or require parent/guardian involvement and support. These can include such events as Grandparents Day, Fathers Day, outings to a museum and much more!  

We often put on concerts performed by the children, especially around the end of the year, to which families and friends are warmly invited!