Our Mission

In collaboration with our family community, we create magical, enriching early learning environments of the highest quality - full of love, encouragement, security and nature - that inspire and celebrate every child’s ideas, initiative, imagination, gifts and personalities, and honour the way they learn best. 

We aim to help children grow in curiosity, confidence, independence, creativity and character, reach toward their intellectual, social and emotional potential and develop a love of learning, while giving them a magical beginning to cherish.



  • Deliver a strong sense of belonging and possibility for every child
  • Respect the spirit of childhood and the magic of this glorious time – their natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn
  • Maintain a play-based, child-centred program
  • Educate both the hearts and minds of young children
  • Prepare children for a successful transition to the next chapter in their education
  • Celebrate every child’s personality, strengths, ideas, initiative and imagination
  • Instil a love of learning and help children maintain their sense of wonder
  • Help children grow in independence and confidence and develop a strong sense of identity
  • Nurture relationships between children, families, educators and community; to develop strong social and emotional intelligence
  • Embrace the natural world and outdoor experiences
  • In collaboration with our family community, prepare children for the world of tomorrow. 


With commitment, love and collaboration, we embrace our responsibility to help create a world where every child can flourish.  A world where the magic of an authentic childhood is cherished and family is honored, and every child receives the love and education they need to realise their full potential.

Chiselhurst Kindergarten children playing in the outside shop made out of wooden pallets.

Our Philosophy


A genuine love for and understanding of each child is at the core of our kindergarten. Educators and families alike have the children’s best interests at heart. We facilitate a collaborative curriculum, allowing children to guide their own learning with their interests, ideas and imagination. We cherish the role of childhood and believe children are innately powerful.  Our rooms and environments are informed by the lives of the children we are privileged to teach.


Family, togetherness, community and a strong sense of belonging is pivotal. We believe children grow and thrive in a context of close dependable relationships that provide love and nurturance, security, responsive interactions and encouragement. We believe it is critical to form genuine and trusting connections within our team, with each child and their family, between the children & the wider community.  We endeavour to create a homely feel, strengthened by the character and charm of our buildings and playground and the active participation of families, the children’s first educators. Traditions and rituals help children feel secure and at home.


We value each child as an individual who comes to us abounding with ideas, cultures and traditions, unique gifts, talents and personalities.  We embrace and nurture this originality, allowing it to enrich our community.  We encourage self-expression, independent thinking and creativity and seek to inspire courage, resilience and confidence.  We want each child and team member to celebrate their individuality and develop a strong belief in themselves.


We believe we must start by first nurturing and shaping the heart if we want to develop strong, ready minds and independent thinkers.  At the fundamental level we seek to ensure every child feels a strong sense of security.  As educators, we believe in the power of play in learning and seek to create hands on experiences and environments that touch the heart and are created for a child’s endless delight.  Forging a strong heart connection between educator and child also allows us the ability to encourage and inspire them to think a bit deeper and push themselves a little further. ‘What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever' - Mary Jo Puntney.


Extraordinary learning is developed through the creation of environments that offer an abundance of safe, enriching, meaningful yet challenging experiences, especially hands-on. We nurture and inspire a child’s natural sense of wonder, imagination, creativity and desire for adventure and discovery. Our focus is on facilitating a child’s intrinsic motivation and responding to their interests and questions in the moment, which requires incredible intentionality and heart by each educator. Strong connections with the local community offer children a world of opportunities for learning.


We focus on the full development of each child - intellectual, social and emotional. While strong foundations in literacy and numeracy are embedded in everyday opportunities that are meaningful to children, we also seek to build character.  Our team places a special emphasis on educating the heart and seeks to instill kindness, respect, generosity and compassion.  A truly meaningful and fulfilling life is built on the foundations of truth, honesty, love and respect.  Social relationships are critical for this development.  Our small, similar-aged groups and consistent hours allow the children to develop strong friendships, relationship skills and to see themselves connected to others.


We place a great deal of importance on making the experience at Chiselhurst magical.  We nurture and amplify the sense of wonder, mystery and magic in childhood. We love what we do and deliver with passion and a desire for excellence. We continuously look for ways to ‘wow’, innovating and improving. We make a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and the latest educational research. ‘Good’ just isn’t good enough.


We believe in an authentic childhood and respect the importance of outdoor experiences and nature for exploration, learning and development and encourage this in all seasons! Here grass and dirt are good!   Chiselhurst is a sustainable community whose practices foster respect and care for the environment. We acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land. 

Chiselhurst Kindergarten Red Butterfly Drawing

Our Values

  • LOVE – Connection, family & kindness

  • RESPECT - Care & understanding

  • COURAGE – Individuality and self-belief

  • QUALITY – Professionalism and excellence

  • PASSION – Energy and commitment

  • CREATIVITY – Imagination & originality

  • CURIOSITY – Sense of wonder & discovery

  • PLAY – Enjoyable & rewarding